The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to request access to any of your personal data held by an organisation.


How to submit a SAR

To submit a SAR, you will need to address your request to the Business Manager and submit the request in writing to

SCO PO Box 72252, London SW1P 9ZZ or


When making a SAR you need to be clear about what you are requesting and you will need to provide proof of identify.  You can do this by sending a copy of one of the following documents:

– driving license

– birth/adoption certificate,

– passport

– recent utility bill

Please do not send originals.


You will also need to include:

  • contact details
  • – your reference number
  • details of the information require and any relevant dates if you require documents from a specific date.


The Office of the Service Complaints Ombudsman has the right to charge a fee for dealing with the request; however unless it will cost us to collect the data no fee will apply.


What information are you entitled to?

When you are requesting information that the Office of the Service Complaints Ombudsman holds, you are entitled to:

  •  A copy of the personal data held.
  • Be told whether the information will be passed on to any other organisation.
  • Reasons for why the personal data needs to be held


When will you get a response?

You should receive a response to a SAR within 40 calendar days of receiving the response. The 40 day time period starts when we receive all the information required.  This time limit is provided by the Data Protection Act. If the Office of the Service Complaints Ombudsman does not comply with the 40 day time period without making contact with you then you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Can any information be exempt from a SAR?

Some types of personal data are exempt from a SAR due to the nature of the information or the potential effect of its disclosure. If there is any data that is exempt from an SAR you will be told why it cannot be disclosed.


We would not be able to disclose information to you if the information we hold contains information that relates to another person unless that person gives consent for this information to be disclosed.


If an Act requires the Office of the Service Complaints Ombudsman to make information available to the public, any personal data included will be exempt from a subject access request. Personal data is also exempt from a subject access request if the information would be covered by legal professional privilege and could be claimed to be so in legal proceedings.