There are many other organisations which provide advice or support to Service personnel, former personnel and their families. Here are links to some of them.

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Raising concerns about wrongdoing and malpractice at work

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has a confidential hotline that allows personnel to raise a concern where they believe someone has, is, is going to, is asking them to, or is covering up wrongdoing against the MOD that:

  • goes against the Values and Standards of the Services or Civil Service Code, or is illegal;
  • endangers others or places the health and safety of people at risk;
  • places our property, assets and money at risk through theft, fraud, or negligence


The Confidential Hotline can be contacted in one of the following ways:


The Confidential Hotline is not to be used to raise queries about Service complaints.

The Whistleblowing and Raising a Concern policy can be accessed on the MOD intranet.


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