• Anyone who is serving in the Armed Forces, either Regular or Reservist, can contact the Ombudsman.


  • If you have recently left the Services, you can contact the Ombudsman about matters to do with your Service life.


  • Contacting the Ombudsman is confidential, but if you want us to help you, we will need to share some of the information you provide with your Service. We will always ask for your permission to pass on your concern to the chain of command.


  • A referral by the Ombudsman is not a formal Service complaint. A formal Service complaint is not made until you have submitted it in writing to your Commanding Officer and it has been accepted for consideration.


  • A Service complaint normally needs to be submitted within three months of the issue you are concerned about. Contacting the Ombudsman does not “stop the clock” on this time limit.  The clock will only be stopped once you have made your complaint in writing to your chain of command.


  • The Ombudsman cannot investigate your case until the internal complaints process within your Service is complete, unless there is an allegation of undue delay in its handling.


  • It is important that we are able to contact you about your application.  If you don’t provide your contact details and let us know the best time to contact you there may be delays in processing your application


  •  The Ombudsman is independent and impartial. Any findings will be binding on the Armed Forces.


  • Not all applications for investigation will be accepted by the Ombudsman. It is important to make sure that you submit a complete application within the time limits.