Note from the Ombudsman on corrections to Annual Report 2016

24 May 2017

Following the publication of my Annual Report 2016 it was brought to my attention that the statistics concerning the number of Service complaints resolved in 2016 provided by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and included in my report were incorrect.

The statistics provided by the RAF for this one issue were calculated using a method that was not in line with the request made by the OSCO. These are the only statistics within the report that are incorrect. I have been reassured by the RAF that this was a genuine error and steps have been taken by my office, the Ministry of Defence and the RAF to ensure that such an error never occurs again.

The PDF versions of the full Annual Report 2016 and the supplementary brochure available on our website from 24 May 2017 have been corrected and contain accurate information. Any reports, including supporting documentation, downloaded from our website before this date should be discarded. Corrected supporting documentation will be uploaded to the website on Wednesday 31 May 2017.

If you have a hard copy of the report sent to you by our office before 24 May 2017 this insert page contains a complete list of corrections made to both the full report and the supplementary brochure. Over the next two weeks will be taking steps to issue a copy of the insert page to everyone that has received a hard copy of the report so far. New supplementary brochures will be issued once we have received new stock.  If you would like any copies of the new supplementary brochure please email

Please be assured that we did not knowingly publish incorrect information and that from the time I was formally notified of this issue all steps were taken to determine what went wrong and to correct the published information as swiftly as possible.


Nicola Williams – Service Complaints Ombudsman

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